GHOST is a reconfigurable high speed SWATH vessel that delivers:


  • Inherent shock avoidance for reduced personnel injury/fatigue and improved mission performance
  • Shallow (4 foot) draft for coastal operations
  • Excellent maneuverability in high sea states
  • Hybrid turbine or electric drive for high speed operations and/or long loiter times
  • Optional active drag reduction, increase speed with no added fuel/power
  • Modular mission payload bay with numerous military and commercial configuration options


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Defense Missions

  • Force Protection
  • Special Operations Support
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, (ISR)


Additional Applications

  • High Speed Maritime Ferry/Taxi
  • Offshore Oil Rig Supply Vessel
  • Pleasure Craft


Deliver class-leading performance to commercial and defense applications through our propriety marine technologies, while continuing to innovate and advance the state-of-the-art in high performance marine systems.

Juliet Marine - Ghost


Juliet Marine - GHOST