Juliet Marine Systems is a marine technology company dedicated to advancing high performance watercraft. We develop and commercialize innovative marine technologies to rapidly deliver new products and capabilities to defense and commercial markets.


Juliet Marine Systems (JMS) has solved the technical challenge of controlling small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) vessels at high speed. Our GHOST demonstration vessel has shown the ability to safely and smoothly transport personnel and payloads through high seas at over 30 knots. We have demonstrated active drag reduction technology that will increase the speed of our vessels significantly in next generation offerings.


JMS technologies are suitable for application in defense, commercial and recreational applications and in surface and subsea manned and unmanned systems. We are currently taking our first generation GHOST vessel to market. We aim to provide customers with a fast and ultra-stable patrol vessel for missions such as fleet defense, anti-piracy and law enforcement.


Deliver class-leading performance to commercial and defense applications through our propriety marine technologies, while continuing to innovate and advance the state-of-the-art in high performance marine systems.